Hold On Til The Night

I'm Audrey and i'm obsessed with
Greyson Michael Chance
I dedicate this blog to the lovely Greyson Chance. His voice gives me chills, his looks make me smile & his kindness melts my heart.
A Chance 4 Change Sister Blog
Holding On Til The Night
Started 5/9/11

love-so-str0ng said: which is the name of this song? (holdontilthenightt(.)tumblr(.)com/post/11284303107)

Take a Look at Me Now - Greyson Chance

Hold On ‘Til The Night<3

love-so-str0ng said: amazing blog!! <3

thank you<3

fashionsecret said: you've to kissed greysonnn ? woahh

yes I did :3

simpiymee said: I love your blog <3


thatsjustmystyles said: I love your blog :) It's so cute. But not in the baby cute-because I'm probably around the same age as you and am obsessed with Greyson- but in the sweet and lovable kind of way, if that makes any sense. Which is probably doesn't :)

ah thank you!<3